Friday, September 12, 2008

Featured Item : Large Silver Plated Stamped Pendant Tray 15mm Square

I really like this little pendant tray with it's light weight and clean lines. Your artwork takes front and center as the tray itself will all but disappear under a good healthy dome of resin or dimensional adhesive. The shallow depth means you could probably get away with a single layer of resin.

Right now, this is only available on Etsy.

A preview of my upcoming Halloween Project

I've got some new findings I really want to highlight, and some new graphics created just for Halloween, so my next tutorial video will be for Halloween pendants.

In an effort to make it even easier for folks to make things, I decided to make some artwork available as printed sheets, that folks can purchase along with findings. Each time I introduce some of this artwork, I plan to make selected pieces of artwork available as printable downloads from the blog and the GSC page on So for those of you that want to get together with friends to make jewelry, or if you're a parent who wants to make some jewelry with your kid(s), these graphics sheets and/or downloadables can make that easier.

So what can I make with this stuff?

If you are interested in making jewelery that is very durable, you can use resin to protect it in any of GSC's metal findings. Resin can be intimidating, but is easier than you might think.

You have to be careful of fumes, etc. so resin may not be for you. I'll be adding some videos soon that show some less toxic and less complex solutions.

The rings and pendants pictured here are made with resin, which can be a good solution for deeper-welled findings. The pendants could have been done using other solutions which I will address more in-depth once I have a video or two to show.

Where do you get your rings and pendants?

I now offer the rings and pendants that I use in my video through my etsy store, If you're not a member of Etsy, you get some of these items on my personal webite at

Not that dang video again.....

Couldn't start this off without posting the video that made this all possible.

New videos are in the works. Got something boiling for a cool Halloween project that I can't wait to show you, but first I have to videotape myself. Well... that just sounds weird.

One thing that folks have been asking me is "Where do you get your art?" I make it, and soon I am going to offer it in formats that customers will be able to use in their own crafting projects. One less obstacle for you to overcome to enjoy making something.