Monday, August 17, 2009

Halloween is just around the corner!!

To mark the launch of our line of graphics for jewelry, and to remind you that if you want to make some Halloween themed jewelry you better get on the stick, I'm reposting my Judikins DG3 Instructional Video. It features our Halloween Graphics.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Graphics line is live...

Last Halloween, we launched our first foray into offering stock graphics based on John W. Golden's illustration. The graphics are tailored to fit specific findings that we offer at Golden Supply Co.

Now, we have added many new graphics series, officially making our stock graphics a "line"!

Each series is based on John's Artist's Reproductions from These graphics ship to you as sheets which can then be punch cut, or cut using scissors or a craft knife. We are currently expanding our punch line to make it easy to find what you need to use these graphics. Hmmm.... Can kits be far behind? :)

You can use these graphics to make jewelry that you then resell, but you cannot reproduce or resell them without permission.

Check out our graphics section at GSC Etsy. These should also be available at shortly.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Items!!!

We have a lot of new items over at GSC Etsy!! Our most interesting one is this Large Hair Clip. I am still trying to decide what kind of project to use for these. Lots of ideas, and trying to suss out how I could use resin or a glaze with this one.

Thinking that a competition using these as a base could be fun. I would love to see what folks do with these. More on that later.

We have new framed pendant trays, raised pendant trays, cuff links, and more over at the Etsy store. I'll be featuring them here shortly.

Monday, July 20, 2009

GSC Etsy is back online!!

You can now purchase Golden Supply Co. items through our Etsy store again!! Thanks to everyone who has waited for us to straighten out some kinks in our system!

Orders will now ship within 2 days of completed payment.

GSC Etsy Store about to re-open!

Golden Supply Co.'s Etsy Store is set to re-open any day now, as soon as we have our new inventory control software/system in place. We hope this will help avoid more of the inventory mistakes that were made during our move, and also help us to better anticipate how much stock we need to order.

Hopefully, the 7-10 day wait will soon be a thing of the past.

We will post here when the doors are open again.

Thanks for your patience!! Especially to those who have waited so long for their orders. We hope to do a better job serving you in the future.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Development: Glass Pendant Kit

Got a new product that is almost ready to hit the market! Using the same glass squares as in the glass ring kit I sell, I am in the process of having specially sized pendant trays created. In the meantime, a slight change in the size of my large square pendants has made those findings suitable for use in this type of project.

I'm just prototyping now, working out the best adhesive to use, and how to possible include a small portion of adhesive in the kit.

These will be great because they will have increased durability using a non-toxic adhesive. They will be slightly more water-resistant than just DG3 or Diamond Glaze.

So what's going on at Golden Supply Co.? Why 7-10 Business Days to ship?

I am super busy! Happy to be able to say that, but it does mean that it takes longer for orders to get out. I'm sorry to make folks wait, but I'm hoping you can understand that Golden Supply Co. is, for the time being, a one person shop. Meaning, if it I am doing one thing, others are not getting done.

That will change soon though. Golden Supply is operating at maximum capacity, and demand is high for pendant trays and rings. I think I carry more blank pendant trays and rings than anybody else. I could be wrong, and unfortunately, I just can't find the time to check :). Plus the videos drive a lot of traffic to the site.

Supply shops require a few things I did not anticipate when I launched Golden Supply Co.

  1. More time to package each order
  2. Lots of questions about your product that need to be answered before the sale
  3. A large amount of special requests for bulk orders

All I can say is that I am going as fast as I can, and that I appreciate everyone's patience.

So how is this gonna change? Well, firstly, I'm moving my "base of operations" home from my studio. If I need to work more hours, I can do that much more easily from home.

My current home does not have the space necessary to house both a shipping operation and a wife and 3 kids. We have a 4-year old that we would not be able to keep out of the supplies. She is a collector of shiny things. By the middle of May, 2009, we will be in a new space that will accommodate my family and my work, with sufficient separation between the two to ensure the security of both the 4-year old and the Golden Supply Co. inventory.

The move home will allow me to more quickly answer inquiries about order status, etc. which come in at all hours, and which I can't currently answer until I am in the office.

The move home will also make the incredible organizational skills of my wife, Lee, available to Golden Supply and the John W. Golden Etsy Art shop. She packs orders like nobody's business, and her being on site will literally more than double GSC's current capacity. We may add some part-timers, too.

I understand what it is like to wait for your order, especially when you've got the itch to start a new project. The supply lines for the items move more slowly these days as the demand for them has increased. My whole reason for starting GSC was to make the findings I use available to folks that have watched my videos and want to try their hand at making pendants and rings. It was not to make people wait for order for as long as they are having to wait right now.

I hope folks will continue to be patient, and I look forward to improving the service that Golden Supply Co. provides. Thanks to everyone who has supported GSC for your patience and understanding.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hearts for Valentine's Day!!

I have a couple of new heart pendant tray designs in now, in time for Valentine's Day! I am working on a Video Tutorial and graphics for these. Maybe the coolest thing about these is that I will soon have punches that fit the large and small heart.

These are the first in many new designs coming in 2009! Happy New Year to all!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

What's up for 2009?

First up, is a decreased turnaround time for orders!! Many folks were very patient as I launched GoldenSupplyCo and continued to run my art store on etsy, johnwgolden. The demand for blank jewelry supplies was more than expected, and these orders take a good bit longer to prepare. Hopefully, in the early months of 2009, I can bring some extra help on board to make sure that orders get out of here quickly.

Next, is some new merchandise, some of which I have developed with my suppliers! I am very excited about some glass-tile solutions that I have developed. A new ring is already available, with a video tutorial for that underway. A couple of pendants are on the way as well.

Also, in early 2009, will launch. The entire product line will be available, with no registration required!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New rings are here!!

Got some new rings in over at Golden Supply Co. I have square and circle in Sterling and Oxidized Silver finishes.

Monday, October 20, 2008

UV Resin Tutorial...

Another tutorial, this one on UV Resin! UV Resin is much easier to apply than 2-part resin, as you don't mix anything. It starts to cure once exposed UV light, so you can cure it in sunlight as an inexpensive solution, or using a UV lamp for more consistent results.

Has a nice window of workability in which you can deal with bubbles and such prior to exposing it. It sets very quickly though once exposed, so it is important to minimize bubbles and such as much as possible prior to exposure.

One of the best things about it is that the quick "setting" of the resin lets you see which pieces aren't coming out well, and the resin can often be popped out of your finding before it sets completely, giving you a do-over of sorts.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Pendant Graphics - A New Line Begins

Many folks ask where I get the art for my jewelry. I make it, but that is not an option for a lot of folks who want to enjoy the creative process. So... in the interest of those folks, I am creating a new line of graphics that can be trimmed down and used in the various findings I sell in Golden Supply Co.

First up is a set of 26 Halloween-themed graphics. With each release, I plan to offer a few select images as a free PDF, which you can download. If you buy a graphic sheet from me, the printed sheet needs no sealing before being used with DG3 Art Gel. That means you can skip the Mod Podge™ step. If you plan to use resin, or you are printing them from the PDF and using DG3, you gotta Mod Podge these first.

This first sheet is sized to fit the large (22mm) Silver-plated Pewter Circle Pendants. Psstt...they also fit the Deep-Welled Silver-Plated Circle Rings, the great shortage of which there has been lately is expected to soon be over. A 7/8" circle punch works great with this size graphic.

A Thanksgiving offering is in the works, but I expect the next set to become available will be some new geometric graphics (similar to the ones used in my resin video), but sized for a new line of rings I expect to start carrying next week.

Featured Product: DG3 Art Gel

Knowing that DG3 is a relatively new product, I wanted to be sure folks could get their hands on it with the release of my new tutorial. Hopefully, I have the best price on it as well, $7.95 for a 4oz bottle. I have it in the GSC Etsy shop for now.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beyond Diamond Glaze : DG3 Art Gel Tutorial

Finally got this done. Lots of folks asked about an alternative to resin, and I think a good one is DG3 Art Gel. It's sort of the next generation of Diamond Glaze. It can go on thick and still stay clear. It's not as durable as resin, but it is much safer to work with. Watch the'll see :).

Halloween Project

It's finally done. This time around I am creating two versions of my newest tutorial, a version that is better suited to the formats of places like, so basically text and pictures, and a video version for places like YouTube and Howcast and Mindbites, etc.

I'll have the video available here soon.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Featured Item : Large Silver Plated Stamped Pendant Tray 15mm Square

I really like this little pendant tray with it's light weight and clean lines. Your artwork takes front and center as the tray itself will all but disappear under a good healthy dome of resin or dimensional adhesive. The shallow depth means you could probably get away with a single layer of resin.

Right now, this is only available on Etsy.

A preview of my upcoming Halloween Project

I've got some new findings I really want to highlight, and some new graphics created just for Halloween, so my next tutorial video will be for Halloween pendants.

In an effort to make it even easier for folks to make things, I decided to make some artwork available as printed sheets, that folks can purchase along with findings. Each time I introduce some of this artwork, I plan to make selected pieces of artwork available as printable downloads from the blog and the GSC page on So for those of you that want to get together with friends to make jewelry, or if you're a parent who wants to make some jewelry with your kid(s), these graphics sheets and/or downloadables can make that easier.

So what can I make with this stuff?

If you are interested in making jewelery that is very durable, you can use resin to protect it in any of GSC's metal findings. Resin can be intimidating, but is easier than you might think.

You have to be careful of fumes, etc. so resin may not be for you. I'll be adding some videos soon that show some less toxic and less complex solutions.

The rings and pendants pictured here are made with resin, which can be a good solution for deeper-welled findings. The pendants could have been done using other solutions which I will address more in-depth once I have a video or two to show.

Where do you get your rings and pendants?

I now offer the rings and pendants that I use in my video through my etsy store, If you're not a member of Etsy, you get some of these items on my personal webite at

Not that dang video again.....

Couldn't start this off without posting the video that made this all possible.

New videos are in the works. Got something boiling for a cool Halloween project that I can't wait to show you, but first I have to videotape myself. Well... that just sounds weird.

One thing that folks have been asking me is "Where do you get your art?" I make it, and soon I am going to offer it in formats that customers will be able to use in their own crafting projects. One less obstacle for you to overcome to enjoy making something.