Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Pendant Graphics - A New Line Begins

Many folks ask where I get the art for my jewelry. I make it, but that is not an option for a lot of folks who want to enjoy the creative process. So... in the interest of those folks, I am creating a new line of graphics that can be trimmed down and used in the various findings I sell in Golden Supply Co.

First up is a set of 26 Halloween-themed graphics. With each release, I plan to offer a few select images as a free PDF, which you can download. If you buy a graphic sheet from me, the printed sheet needs no sealing before being used with DG3 Art Gel. That means you can skip the Mod Podge™ step. If you plan to use resin, or you are printing them from the PDF and using DG3, you gotta Mod Podge these first.

This first sheet is sized to fit the large (22mm) Silver-plated Pewter Circle Pendants. Psstt...they also fit the Deep-Welled Silver-Plated Circle Rings, the great shortage of which there has been lately is expected to soon be over. A 7/8" circle punch works great with this size graphic.

A Thanksgiving offering is in the works, but I expect the next set to become available will be some new geometric graphics (similar to the ones used in my resin video), but sized for a new line of rings I expect to start carrying next week.

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