Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beyond Diamond Glaze : DG3 Art Gel Tutorial

Finally got this done. Lots of folks asked about an alternative to resin, and I think a good one is DG3 Art Gel. It's sort of the next generation of Diamond Glaze. It can go on thick and still stay clear. It's not as durable as resin, but it is much safer to work with. Watch the'll see :).

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Kirsten Edwards said...

Hello John,

Love the video. I have been making my own pendants and filling them with DG3. I would like that round dimensional look. I let the first layer dry for up to 24 hours then I come back and add another layer so its nice and high. When I come back in 24 hours, its sunk and not high at all. Overtime it sinks even lower. I lose that nice dimensional look. I also took them around to my friends house to show her and when I took them out of my purse they had all stuck together. It was a hot day (I'm in Australia) and the DG3 must've melted. It made a real mess. Have you any information on drying times, DG3 melting, etc? Do you know what I'm doing wrong?