Thursday, March 26, 2009

So what's going on at Golden Supply Co.? Why 7-10 Business Days to ship?

I am super busy! Happy to be able to say that, but it does mean that it takes longer for orders to get out. I'm sorry to make folks wait, but I'm hoping you can understand that Golden Supply Co. is, for the time being, a one person shop. Meaning, if it I am doing one thing, others are not getting done.

That will change soon though. Golden Supply is operating at maximum capacity, and demand is high for pendant trays and rings. I think I carry more blank pendant trays and rings than anybody else. I could be wrong, and unfortunately, I just can't find the time to check :). Plus the videos drive a lot of traffic to the site.

Supply shops require a few things I did not anticipate when I launched Golden Supply Co.

  1. More time to package each order
  2. Lots of questions about your product that need to be answered before the sale
  3. A large amount of special requests for bulk orders

All I can say is that I am going as fast as I can, and that I appreciate everyone's patience.

So how is this gonna change? Well, firstly, I'm moving my "base of operations" home from my studio. If I need to work more hours, I can do that much more easily from home.

My current home does not have the space necessary to house both a shipping operation and a wife and 3 kids. We have a 4-year old that we would not be able to keep out of the supplies. She is a collector of shiny things. By the middle of May, 2009, we will be in a new space that will accommodate my family and my work, with sufficient separation between the two to ensure the security of both the 4-year old and the Golden Supply Co. inventory.

The move home will allow me to more quickly answer inquiries about order status, etc. which come in at all hours, and which I can't currently answer until I am in the office.

The move home will also make the incredible organizational skills of my wife, Lee, available to Golden Supply and the John W. Golden Etsy Art shop. She packs orders like nobody's business, and her being on site will literally more than double GSC's current capacity. We may add some part-timers, too.

I understand what it is like to wait for your order, especially when you've got the itch to start a new project. The supply lines for the items move more slowly these days as the demand for them has increased. My whole reason for starting GSC was to make the findings I use available to folks that have watched my videos and want to try their hand at making pendants and rings. It was not to make people wait for order for as long as they are having to wait right now.

I hope folks will continue to be patient, and I look forward to improving the service that Golden Supply Co. provides. Thanks to everyone who has supported GSC for your patience and understanding.


Christy DeKoning said...

I don't mind waiting - I love that your findings are handmade.

apinchofhope said...

I don't mind waiting at all. The findings you sell are fantastic. :D